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Sloppy Journalism #13: More ‘fluff and puff’, this time from the NZ Herald


As I expected the NZ Herald has decided to take part in the Ardern PR show with a ‘fluff and puff’ piece on Ardern’s major political weapon – baby Neve

The tone is set by an even more cringeworthy headline than that used by One News. NZ Herald went with Jacinda Ardern’s bundle of Joy: A year in the life of Neve, the First Baby’.

I rated the headline as worse tha One News because it used the aburd phrase ‘the First Baby’. Absoute nonsense, the poor little girl is nothing of the sort.

I half expected the accompanying video to play either Handel’s Messiah or a chorus of Hark the Herald Angels Sing given the tone of the article.

Instead the sycophantic Herald gave us a saccharine tour of the first year of baby Neve’s life – replete with photos, many of which presented Ardern in a favourable light

The tone was set by the gushing crap that was the introductory paragraphs to the ‘story’

She’s the busiest 1-year-old in the country. Neve Te Aroha Ardern Gayford celebrates her first birthday next Friday and has already mixed with Hollywood movie stars, visited the United Nations headquarters in New York and taken up countless column inches.

The Herald looks at a year in the life of the First Baby.

Vomit inducing

Unlike Stuff who at least put their piece in the Life and Style section , this was in NZ Herald’s NZ section and unfortunately was not paywalled. Furthermore it was longer than many of their major articles.

Appalling rubbish, masquerading as news.

Clearly, Ardern and her team expect things either to go wrong shortly, or are seeking to deflect from the catalogue of failre that is the so called government and the mindblowing incomptence and stupidity of some of the ministers, for example Twyford, Clark and Lees-Galloway come to mind automatically.


The media degrade themselves with this sort of balderdash and then wonder why readership declines and nobody gives them respect.

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