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Joolz Guides: Big Ben Chimes For Last Time In 4 Years


Another of these fun, quirky videos

One of the many reasons I like these videos is that he visits so many places I used to know years ago. It is incredibly nostalgic and fun.


Big Ben Chimes for last time in 4 years.

Due to essential renovation work the Big Ben Great bell will not ring again for the next 4 years because it would be too loud for the workmen working on the tower.

Big Ben was cast in the Whitechapel Bell Foundry and was the largest bell in London until the great bell at St Paul’s Cathedral was cast in the same place.

Big Ben actually refers to the bell and not the Tower.

The tower is the Elizabeth Tower. The bell itself is named either after Benjamin Caunt who was the heavy weight boxing champion or more likely it was after Sir Benjamin Hall who was the engineer who oversaw the bell’s installation in 1859.

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