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Jacinda Ardern’s Marie Antoinette moment – ‘Let them take buses’


Just as Marie Antoinette is reputed to have said

Let them eat cake

Well Jacinda Ardern  in her Newshub Nation interview  when asked about EVs and climate change and specifically what it might mean for poorer families and people

So you’re worried about hitting the poor with an EV policy.

I think we have to be realistic that an EV policy isn’t the whole answer. We need people to have options around buses and trains.

So her response is ‘Let them take buses’

Now from memory Marie Antoinette went to the guillotine during the French Revolution.

Ardern is like Marie Antoinette out of touch and living in a bubble, attended by a group of sycophantic toadies

Perhaps next year we can consign Ardern to the dustbin of history

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