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Scruton Tapes: Full interview Roger Scruton and George Eaton of The New Statesman


Now this interview sparked considerable controversy

From Spiked

The Roger Scruton scandal is indeed disturbing. Not because of what Roger Scruton said, but because of what the New Statesman did. In order to score a hit against a conservative philosopher cum Tory adviser who has always rubbed leftists up the wrong way, the New Statesman’s deputy editor dispensed with the ethics of journalism, wilfully distorted a quotation, and inferred racism where, to the best of our knowledge, none exists. Scruton’s comments were not particularly shocking, but the New Statesman’s behaviour was. MORE AT LINK

Then from The Guardian – Zoe Williams wrote

The battle over the treatment of Roger Scruton, the author and philosopher, following an interview with George Eaton that was published in the New Statesman magazine, rages on. To recap, for those who do not read the New Statesman, Eaton quoted Scruton on three subjects – immigration in Hungary, George Soros and China – and amid the fallout from the perceived racism of Scruton’s views as presented, he was sacked from his (unpaid) job as chair of the Building More, Building Beautiful government commission.

Scruton’s original complaint, that he was misrepresented by Eaton and his words were taken out of context, has now broadened. As he put it on the Today programme, he believes that “thought crimes are being manufactured” to hound conservatives such as him out of public life.MORE AT LINK

Then there was the row over the release of an edited recording of the interview which revealed selective use of what Scruton actually said

This Guardian article by Jim Waterson looks at the issue

A dirty tricks row has broken out between two leading political magazines over how one of them came into possession of a recording of the other’s interview with a government adviser who was later sacked.

The New Statesman is investigating how the Spectator, its arch-rival, obtained the recording of its interview with Roger Scruton. Scruton was removed from his job advising the government on housebuilding standards within hours of the New Statesman’s article based on the interview appearing online this month.

The piece included quotes from Scruton that appeared to show him repeating antisemitic statements and suggesting Islamophobia was a “propaganda word”. Scruton has accused the leftwing magazine of misquoting him and stoking a Twitter witch-hunt.

The issue turned into a cause celebre for conservatives, who insisted quotes in the New Statesman piece – such as “Each Chinese person is a kind of replica of the next one and that is a very frightening thing” – were part of a longer discussion by Scruton about the power of the Chinese state to impose its will on citizens, rather than racism. Several Tory MPs who initially condemned the comments later retracted their statements.






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