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Sunday Classic Comedy: Terry and June #7 – S02 E01 – Terry Scott, June Whitfield -To Catch A Thief


Terry returns home with a new, Princess, company car. June teaches Terry a mnemonic method for remembering the registration number. The following morning Terry leaves the house and finds the car stolen. Terry then reports the theft to Sgt. Tucker (John Junkin) at the Police Station, and though he has problems remembering the registration number, the mnemonic comes to his aid. The next day, he wakes up to find the car returned with a note saying a couple had borrowed it to take the wife to hospital as she was in labour. As a thank you, they enclose two tickets to the theatre that night, a West End show – Rodgers & Hammerstein‘s The King & I. Terry has a car alarm fitted to the car, but accidentally sets it off when they leave the theatre district and is questioned by a police officer (Michael Sharvell-Martin) as the car is still reported stolen. When they return home, they find everything in their house has been stolen; the theatre tickets being a diversion to get them out of the house. Shortly after their return home however, Sgt. Tucker tells them that the van with all their belongings has been found. (Roy Holder and Geoffrey Morgan also appear in this episode.)

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