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The Amelia Project – a comic fiction podcast: Elizabeth Barlow – S01 E01


Congratulations. You’ve reached The Amelia Project. This phone call isn’t happening. If you’re not serious about this, hang up. Now.

The Amelia Project is a fiction podcast by Imploding Fictions.

The show is written and directed by Philip Thorne and Øystein Ulsberg Brager. Music and sound design by Fredrik S. Baden. Graphic design by Anders Pedersen.

The Amelia Project was a Fiction Podcast finalist at Austin Film Festival 2017, a Best New Speculative Podcaster/Team finalist at the Parsec Awards 2018, a Best Fiction Nominee at the British Podcast Awards 2019 and winner of Best Original Composition for a New Comedic Production & Best New Comedic Production at the 2018 Audio Verse Awards.


The Amelia Project is a strange and hilarious audio drama about an agency that helps people fake their deaths. In each episode, a client tells an interviewer why they want to fake their death, and then how they want to return.

Each episode of The Amelia Project is filled to the brim with jokes. Each episode starts with a hilarious premise, but the real magic is the show’s pacing and the writing of the interviewer. Just as jokes start to verge on being stale, the episodes pivot to open up a new line of jokes. The interviewer in each episode is high-energy and plucky, making for quickly-paced, witty conversation with the client.




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