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Preventing a climate catastrophe, aka known as urban myth


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Twenty years ago New Zealand signed the Kyoto Protocol, agreeing to limit the emission of greenhouse gases. We set a target for the first period (to 2012), and massively overshot it.

Three and a half years ago New Zealand signed up to the Paris Agreement which has a specific objective of limiting the average global climate temperature to 1.5 degrees celsius above pre-industrial levels. This target was chosen not because it is safe but because scientists fear that above that level positive feedback systems could fuel a runaway temperature rise that could be civilization threatening.

Legislation is now being considered by Parliament that seeks to create ways to improve on our earlier results. But MPs want feedback on what they’ve come up with.MORE AT LINK

I disagree with much that is in this bill, but there is no point ignoring it.

I suggest that if you are concerned with this issue you read as well some of the excellent posts from Michael Reddell where he makes very relevant comment on the economic impact of this legislation. Starting with this one and certainly reading this one.

Much of the debate is framed at present by climate cult acolytes such as Ardern and Shaw in terms of emotive conjecture, supported by some absurd assertions. Now we are seeing a new wave of hysteria with councils declaring climate emergencies. Balderdash!

However, the close to the RNZ website article had these useful links

Todd Muller, speaking for the committee wanted to encourage people not just to make written submissions but to also ask to speak with the committee. This can be done in person, but can also be done remotely via video or phone.

  • You can read what MPs said during the first reading debate on the bill here.  
  • You can read the bill here.
  • You can make a submission online here.    

The Environment Committee will be accepting submissions on the Bill until July 16th. 

I encourage people to read, digest and then comment.

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