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The Detail – a podcast from RNZ/ Newsroom: Do you need to be popular to win an election?


A Podcast from RNZ and Newsroom

An intriguing episode with some good points made by both Guyon Espiner and Jane Patterson, in contrast to the garbage that the likes of Tova o’Brien pours forth in her get Bridges campaign

Low personal polling for National Party leader Simon Bridges doesn’t necessarily mean that replacing him before the election is a sure thing.

People don’t like him – and is no shortage of them telling him that. Mr Bridges is polling in the low single digits in the preferred Prime Minister stakes. Looming over him is Judith Collins; threatening from the side is Air New Zealand boss Christopher Luxon, who is stepping down from the job at about the same time parties choose their candidates

But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s curtains for the MP for Tauranga. Depending on which poll you believe, National’s preferred party numbers are still right up there – around 44 percent, more than Labour.  

Former Morning Report presenter and TVNZ political editor Guyon Espiner says Bridges had long been seen as the heir-apparent, and when he took over the position National was in a good position.

“I know he’s a popular whipping boy at the moment but he’s still held the party in the early to mid 40s by most of the polls,” he says. That given, media companies have retreated from polling so it’s harder to gauge than in the past. But Espiner says it’s not a bad position to be in, given the popularity of the current Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern.


We will see what happens at the election. Personally Luxon appeals even less thanBridges.

According to Newsroom,

Newsroom has been commissioned by the RNZ/NZ On Air Innovation Fund to produce a new daily news podcast designed to explain the stories behind the headlines. 

Called ‘The Detail’, it aims to help listeners dive deeper into the big stories to help give an understanding of what’s really going on. We will pick out the news that matters and explain it in detail and in context.

The Detail will be fronted by journalists Sharon Brettkelly and Alex Ashton, and produced by Alexia Russell. We will be drawing on not only Newsroom’s award-winning journalists, but the best reporters from throughout the country; along with experts in their fields.


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