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Two Cents Worth – a podcast: Business heretic recommends 4-day working week


this podcast was worth listening to. I understand the concept, but I wonder how broadly it can be applied. I question whether it will work in a proessional services environment e.g. the law, management consulting, accountancy

Andrew Barnes founded Perpetual Guardian, New Zealand’s largest statutory trust company. By his own description, he’s a “grey, white male” who worked his way up the ranks through hard work and graft. So far, so standard. But what sets Barnes apart from other businessmen of his generation, is that he’s changing the world.

He’s making the four-day working week a real thing.


About Two Cents’ Worth

Two Cents’ Worth has been launched by Newsroom in a co-production with RNZ. It is the country’s first weekly business podcast and will be broadcast just after the midday news on Sundays on RNZ National, will be available on both RNZ and Newsroom’s websites and can also be found on iTunes and other podcast apps.

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