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The Late Movie: Wide-Eyed and Legless(1993) – Julie Walters,Jim Broadbent,Thora Hird



Wide-Eyed and Legless (known in the US as The Wedding Gift) is a 1993 made-for-TV British drama film directed by Richard Loncraine.

It is based on the 1989 book Diana’s Story by Deric Longden, who co-wrote the script with Jack Rosenthal. It tells the story of his marriage to his wife, Diana, who contracts a chronic, degenerative illness that medical officials were unable to understand at the time (now believed to be Myalgic Encephalomyelitis). As Diana’s health faltered, she secretly set him up with another woman to help ease his pain over her eventual death. A sequel dealing with Longden’s mother’s decline into dementia after his second marriage, Lost for Words, followed in 1999. Wide-Eyed and Legless was the original title of the TV adaptation shown on Screen One (BBC1) starring Julie Walters, Jim Broadbent, Thora Hird, with supporting performances from Andrew Lancel, Moya Brady & Ashley Artu for the American release the film’s title changed to “The Wedding Gift”.

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