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France is a great threat to free speech + some observations


Jonathan Turley on the major threat France represents to Free Speech

Now President Macron was co-host with Jacinda Ardern of the Christchurch Call, which I have noted in itself represents a threat to Free Speech see here and here and here for some examples. Plus of course Andrew Little’s attitude for example

Ardern seems to have been played, or alternatively she subscribes to Macron’s views.

That would not surprise me.

Prof Turley details the substance of his claim in a column for The Hill a US newsite

Below is my column on the vote scheduled for this week by France to impose a new regulation on Internet speech — essentially forcing companies to scrub their sites of any hate speech as defined under sweeping French laws.  What is astonishing is how many Americans are prepared to follow the European model in limiting free speech on the basis for loosely defined terms of threatening or intimidating or harassing anyone on the basis for race or religion or sexual orientation or other protected groups. The implications for free speech is sweeping and chilling. The West has fallen out of love with free speech.  What is most concerning however is that countries like France and Germany are likely to strip away free speech protections for the rest of the World, even in countries like the United States where free speech is still given broad protection.

This is incredibly concerning.Then people like Ardern and Little give this approach cover. At the same time Trump hosts a White House Summit on social media where he also attacks concepts of free speech,as he does continually.


We live in very worrying times


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