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Trump’s racist tweets provoke condemnation


Trump makes offensive, racist tweets but denies they are racist. He picked on the Squad I presume because they are divisive and polarising. Therefore by causing the Democrats to defend them,he is able to tar the Democrats as a whole.

This report from C4 News gives a UK take on the issue

This article by Max Boot at The Washington Post makes the point that Trump’s remarks force those who abhor much if not all of the political stances taken by these 4 women to defend them because his remarks were so outrageous and corrosive.

What Trump is doing is appalling, but the GOP are even worse as their total failure to criticise and repudiate this faecal mess renders them unfit to be in government.

Furthermore,it reduces media coverage of Epstein and his links to Trump.

Plus Trump panders to the prejudices of his base.

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