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Trump tries to back off ‘Send her home’ chant and makes it worse by lying, as he usually does


Trump lies when asked about the chant at his N.C. rally, see this PBS clip

Then watch this C4 clip from the UK

It is clear that his later statement is a lie. Consider as well this Fact Check from The Washington Post which shows the magnitude of his lie.

Then read this NY Times article where many GOP lawmakers try and claim Trump is not responsible for the chant and that Trump is not a racist,what sycophantic crap from the GOP. There is this Washington Post piece in a similar vein as well.

Furthermore there was this scathing editorial from the LA Times on the original tweets where the paper states Trump is the Bigot-in-Chief

In many ways his enablers in the GOP are the real problem. Their lack of any moral compass allows Trump to continue with this appalling crap. Then various GOP luminaries anguish over what has happened and seek to justify what Trump says, down to denying the evidence of video and audio as they go through contortions of syntax to try and exonerate Trump.

  1. 19/07/2019 09:38

    Trump is not a racist, he said so himself. He says “I don’t have a racist bone in my body”.

    I believe him.

    He has 206, give or take.

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