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NY Times – The Argument (a podcast): Will Trump’s Racism Sink The GOP?


From NY Times – one of the most recent episodes of The Argument podcast.
In this episode the state of the GOP following Trump’s most recent racist blurt is considered..

I think Trump is deliberately targeting The Squad and they have in large part effectively aided and abetted him, as their inexperience and arrogance coupled with their base of activists has enabled Trump to tar the Democratic Party as a whole. That just adds to the scenario where the Democrats are so busy fighting themselves they are not properly focused on defeating Trump,furthermore The Squad endangers not only the Dems chances of taking the White House but of holding the house. As for the Senate doubtful.

The lack of real concern amongst GOP House and Senate members illustrates just how far Trump’s capture of the GOP has gone.

Given voting patterns in red states I suspect that this analysis by Nate Silver is correct,unless the Dems sort themselves out quickly and hammer on simple,clear messages. They need to drop issues that piss the middle ground off.

In a number of ways my observations are at variance with views expressed in the podcast.

Now for the podcast

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  1. 21/07/2019 09:14

    As a MN resident, it IS a bit tough to hear her criticisms of the midwest and the US in light of the phenomenal generosity our state has shown Somalians since the early 1990’s. The benefits this group of refugees has received from Minnesota has allowed them to grow from a population of 2,000 to 200,000 in about 25 years. The benefits of being an American have allowed her the privilege of being the first Somalian US House member in less than a generation?! That seems like acceptance to me. What do you think?


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