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Letters to the Editor: Writer to NZ Herald makes sense, unlike Greenpeace and the Ardern regime


From NZ Herald 23 July 2019

Doing our bit

As a small-medium income country, I don’t think that we should become “world leaders” in climate change as a lot suggest. Yes, keep up and do our bit, but National’s opposition doesn’t mean it wants to align us with the “most irresponsible emitters on the planet”. Technology is the way ahead but we should leave the technology to the big industrialised countries.

As we are an agricultural country, maybe we could lead the world in finding a solution to the methane from cows or even planting forests, but we shouldn’t be jeopardising our economic growth or people’s living standards with more taxes and ridiculous policies just to show we are doing something.

Jacinda is a show pony. Stopping fossil fuel exploration is a case in point. No matter what, we will still be needing fossil fuels into the near future. Surely drilling for our own oil is better than denying Taranaki and NZ income and jobs, paying overseas corporations for it and shipping it from Iran or Iraq.

These oil tankers don’t run on fresh air — this policy would add to the carbon emissions, not reduce them.

We are so small, generating about 0.17% of the world’s greenhouse gasses, that even if NZ became carbon neutral tomorrow, it would make no difference to the warming of the planet. National is suggesting we take a common sense approach to this matter.

Fred Jones, Te Atatu Peninsula.

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