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The NZ Greens: Haters, Wreckers and No Hopers – UPDATED


The latest NZ Green Party Attack ad and funnily enough it appears in a week when apparently there is an opinion poll in play.

UPDATE 2: Somebody took a copy, so here is what they now claim to regret

UPDATE: It seems the Greens have taken the tweet down

I am interested as to how this ad accords with this from their website

As a party and as members of that party, we aim to:

  • Respect the planet and the web of life of which we are one part
  • Take the path of caution in the face of serious uncertainty about the consequences of human action
  • Think long term and holistically
  • Make decisions by consensus whenever possible
  • Engage respectfully, without personal attacks
  • Support ideas on their merit, regardless of where they originate
  • Actively respect cultural and individual diversity and celebrate difference
  • Maintain a community focus
  • Enable participation with dignity and challenge oppression
  • Encourage new voices and cherish wisdom
  • Recognise our duty of care towards those who cannot speak for themselves
  • Foster compassion, a sense of humour and mutual enjoyment in our work

In particular how do they justify their ad in the light of their stated value of

Engage respectfully, without personal attacks

In my view they cannot.

The Greens are hypocrites, they seek constantly to don the cloak of moral sanctimony, but they constantly denigrate anyone with a contrary view another example would be

This looks like a pattern.

More and more the Greens exhibit all the signs of intolerance, bigotry and authoritarianism. They do not debate, they hurl invective and spew hatred.

By their words shall ye know them. The Greens are Haters, Wreckers and thus No Hopers, condemned by their own words and their manifest hypocrisy.

UPDATE: By taking the tweet down the Greens acknowledge their Hypocrisy and further cement their place as amongst the despicable elements in the NZ body politic.

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