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We’re Alive: A Story of Survival – a fiction podcast – #18 – Chapter 6 – ‘The Remains of Eastern Bay’ Part 3/3 – Zombie Apocalyse saga


Chapter 6 – “The Remains of Eastern Bay” Part 3 Saul is discovered as he makes radio contact with the tower. An onslaught of mallers and zombies stalk him as he tries to escape.

Got a hole in your heart where your flesh-fueled love of The Walking Dead used to live? Resurrect your appreciation for the genre with We’re Alive: A Story of Survival. This fast-paced zombie apocalypse survival drama follows soldier Michael Cross, who finds himself living a real-life horror story when an undead infestation begins to take over Los Angeles. He joins up with a hodge-podge group of survivors seeking resources, shelter, and safety while struggling to determine if they can trust each other. As the makeshift-family grows closer and works to create a safe haven for themselves, they begin to uncover a series of disturbing clues that will leave them wondering which is the greater of two evils: the undead or their fellow humans. When you’re finished, you can move right into We’re Alive: Lockdown, a continuation of the story that introduces new characters and answers lingering questions about old ones. A third series in the We’re Alive family is also in the works, though a final release date is yet to be announced.

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