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Britain B.C  – #2/2 – Before the Romans


Using reconstructions, aerial photography and computer generated imaging we’ll be able to put forward a vivid and fascinating image of how advanced Britain really was in the five thousand years before Christ: In these films Francis Pryor will present the most comprehensive vision of pre-Roman Britain ever shown on television. Drawing on a sea of new evidence Dr Pryor, one of Britain’s leading archaeologists, will paint a picture of the Ancient Britons that flatly contradicts the received wisdom that they were crude savages. They were in fact a highly developed people, with their own strong sense of culture, long before the Romans arrived. Understanding who we were then, he argues, is crucial to understanding who we are today. The Ancient Britons are not them, they’re us.

Britain BC, seeks to change our view of the way British civilization had developed prior to their arrival and to restore some of the knowledge we have lost about our thriving, pre-Roman, purely British civilization. The writer and presenter behind this bold venture is the archaeologist Dr. Francis Pryor. An acknowledged expert on the Bronze Age, a key figure in the discovery of the Flag Fen Bronze Age site and often seen on Time Team, his mission is to show us how British civilization was flourishing long before the Roman Legions invaded our shores

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