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Can Boris Johnson deliver on his Brexit promises?


C4 News looks at the ascendancy of Boris Johnson to the role of British PM, but before we look at the news item, a little bit of fun – plus some comments afterwards

Sharon Murdoch – 24072019


Now for the video

Tonight he is preparing for government: his mission as Prime Minister to “deliver Brexit, unite the country and defeat Jeremy Corbyn”.

No small challenge, then, for Boris Johnson, who won the ballot of Conservative members with two thirds of the vote. Although that, of course, is still just 0.2 per cent of the UK’s entire electorate. But while his supporters have been calling for party unity, another minister resigned as Mr Johnson’s victory was announced, with others expected to walk out tomorrow.

As the Chinese say we live in interesting times?

Finally a link to an interesting Economist article

THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY has a long history of making big bets on mavericks whenever it thinks its back is against the wall. Before they won the party leadership, three of the greatest Tory prime ministers were cordially loathed by their party. Margaret Thatcher was regarded as a polarising ideologue who lacked the ability to connect with voters or command Parliament. Winston Churchill was a boozy bloviator and serial bungler, launching the Dardanelles campaign and clinging to the gold standard. Benjamin Disraeli was a flashy outsider who had no achievements to his name other than undermining Robert Peel over the Corn Laws. The Tories punted on all three and won big.

It looks as if the party is about to gamble again, on Boris Johnson. The former foreign secretary is the overwhelming favourite among party members, who elect the leader.

It will be very interesting and possibly dispiriting



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