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NY Times – The Daily (a podcast): Trump and ‘the Squad’ + some observations and cartoons


Trump and his comments about the Squad and their responses have been prominent in the media.

Before I comment let us look at how cartoonists have seen this

Chris Britt for Counterpoint


and Nate Beeler also for Counterpoint


I think that in someways the Squad are a gift to Trump as they enable him to smear the entire Democratic Party, especially as they have closed ranks around the Squad in the face of trump’s remarks. Yet many of the Squad’s positions are anathema to the voters whose support the Democrats need if they are to take the White house, hold the Houses and make inroads into the Senate.

The Squad need to understand the problems they cause the bulk of the Democrats, they will be defended against racist remarks by Trump and his cohorts , but when they espouse other positions their support is unlikely to be as strong. Furthermore some of their attitudes especially as regards Free Speech, Israel for example are highly controversial for many Democratic voters, let alone Independents, never mind moderate Republicans. Pelosi has to have an eye to the electoral strategy for the Democrats as a whole, but the Squad luxuriate in their activist coccoon at the expense it seems to me of their colleagues.

Now the podcast

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