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Golriz Blurts: today Golriz assails the rule of law again


The Green Justice Spokesperson seems to have little if any regard for the law

Note according to the timeline from RNZ

December 2016

The same month, Fletcher Building was given the green light for the housing development but Heritage New Zealand denied them the ability to build.

April 2017: The campaigners took their fight to the United Nations hoping for an intervention to address alleged breaches under the Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People.

The UN report recognised that consultation and consent from Māori had not been adequately sought.

It also recommended the government evaluate the plan’s compliance with the Treaty of Waitangi and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

November 2018: The Environment Court declined to overturn the permission granted to Fletcher Building to build the houses in Māngere.

By then Fletcher Building said it had been through the Waitangi Tribunal, the Māori Land Court and the Environment Court – as well as the normal consenting process.

So Fletchers has all the necessary approvals and is the legal owner of the land.

Does Ms Ghahraman not understnad the rule of law.

If Fletchers is induced to sell the land who will pay?

If the Ardern Dictatorship pays up will that cause other settlements of treaty claims to be re-opened. Bear in mind, that in reality if the Dictatorship settles it is our money that will be used.


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