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The Wreckers, Haters and No Hopers meddle at Ihumātao


Following Golriz’s Blurt of the other day a couple of tweets from me and some comment



and finally

There is a clear pattern here:

  • disregard for law and court and tribunal rulings
  • disregard for governance
  • disregard for due process
  • disregard for private property rights
  • disregard for the rights of the iwi which determined to do the deal with Fletcher with intent to provide housing for their people
  • disregard for housing needs,in order to push grievances
  • activists horning in
  • activists obstructing traffic on the Southern Motorway
  • ill judged appearances by senior Greens including Jan Logie who is a junior Minister. Plus Ghahraman who is the justice spokesperson, especially given the disregard for the court ruling

More and more the Greens demonstrate that they are unfit to hold any role in Government.

Note as well they carried the Maori separatism flag. They thus allow themselves to be seen as supporting a racial divide in NZ, especially when they mouth on as they do about colonialism.

Plus I was under the impression that as MPs they swore an oath of fealty to the Crown and to uphold the law. If I am correct then it seems to me that by their actions they could be deemed to have broken that oath, or Come very,very close to doing so. Furthermore, as Ms Logie is a junior Minister has she breached the provisions of the Cabinet Manual?

Truly Wreckers, Haters and No Hopers


  1. davey permalink
    23/08/2019 15:36

    Needs a slightly bigger font for ease of reading for some of us.



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