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Jacinda’s Openness and Transparency on Display as she seeks to muzzle media


This must have hurt Newshub’s Tova O’Brien as she had to report along with Anna Bracewell-Worrall on Jacinda Ardern’s disgraceful attempt to muzzle the media.

In an item at Newshub under the headline – Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern tried to prevent media asking about Ihumātao we see

Jacinda Ardern has personally tried to prevent media from asking about the Ihumātao dispute while on a charm offensive in the Pacific.

Her staff threatened journalists with restricted access to the PM if they did, forcing her Beehive team to intervene from Wellington.

After crisis calls from the capital, media were allowed a second shot.

However, not to worry the rest of the article was Tova’s usual Labour supporting ‘fluff and puff’.

Why was the article, despite the headline so shallow?

Why did Ardern seek to muzzle the media?

Why was media access threatened? That is what happens in dictatorial regimes. Hmm!

Why did Newshub post such a wishy washy article?

What happened to openness and transparency – sorry I forgot that was just a slogan, not a promise, or was it a promise, that became a lie?

Let us not forget that this a PM who wants to regulate so called ‘hate speech’ after the Christchurch Shootings and in my view used the Christchurch Call as a figleaf for oppression.

Furthermore Mediawatch had an excellent article on what happens when you try to regulate  in which one contributor commented:

“The Christchurch Call is an understandable response to tragic events. But it is more likely to strengthen the hand of the censors than mute the voices of the terrorists,” said Dr. Courtney C. Radsch – director of advocacy at the US-based Committee to Protect Journalists.  

Why would this effort to scrub extremist stuff from social media threaten the news media’s fundamental freedoms?

  “We see that type of language used by governments in more oppressive countries to justify repression and crack down on political reporting. We don’t want media to be accused of amplifying terrorism when in fact they’re trying to report on legitimate issues,” she told Mediawatch.

I drew attention to this, because it highlights the fact that Ardern in her hamfisted attempt to muzzle the media, which she backed off this time, was at the beginning of the slippery slope to oppression, in my view. Thuse, again in my view her protestations over how free speech is not threatened are mere words as she gives no signs of being anything other than a manipulative control freak.

As for Openness and Transparency – Dream On, Suckers


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