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Green tyrants are after us in the health sector now! Genter wants to change what we eat to save the planet


The ever more obnoxious Julie Anne Genter, in her Associate Health Minister role now wants to change our diets and tell us what to eat. The fascistic Green is lecturing us again now. All this is to assist mitigating climate change.

From a Stuff article byline Oliver Lewis

Hospitals are being asked to do better environmentally, including by cutting back on meat and dairy. 


Cutting back on meat and dairy, reducing waste, designing energy-efficient buildings and encouraging biking and walking are some of the recommendations outlined in new sustainability guidelines for DHBs and the wider health sector.


Unveiling the guidelines in Christchurch on Tuesday, Genter stressed in her speech the relationship between climate change and human health, as well as the need to take urgent action to curb emissions.


Agriculture made up 49 per cent of New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions; the guidelines suggested reducing meat and dairy, developing alternative patient menus and encouraging plant-based diets.

So not content with hiking fuel prices, not building roads, hating car owners she is now being let loose on the health sector. Note again how agriculture is being targeted.

This climate change effort is now out of control. The amount of impact that changing hospital diet will have on the world’s climate issues is so minute as to be irrelevant, but for a Green like Genter it is yet another way for her to don her cloak of  hypocrisy and seek to control us and our way of life.

Are the Greens on a mission to destroy NZ?

Why do the Greens hate people so much?

Why are the Greens such awful control freaks with a messianic desire to tell us what to eat, how to travel, how to live, what to say and how to think. There were other types of politicians that did that – ah yes Nazis and communists. Their regimes and those of politicians of a similar ilk were and are called tyrannies and or dictatorships!


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