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Ardern calls halt to building at Ihumātao


From a report at NZ Herald by Michael Neilson General/Māori Affairs reporter,  comes this information on how Ardern has overruled the courts and tribunals unilaterally.

We now seem to have rule by Prime Ministerial fiat. It has been camouflaged by saying parties involved have agreed to this, but the hard reality is that we are now ruled by a PM who cares not a fig for the rule of law, or so it appears.

This follows the so called gun control laws, where action is taken against those who legally own guns, but gangs are left alone.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern last night said building work at Ihumātao would stop until a growing dispute over the South Auckland land earmarked for housing is resolved.

Ardern’s announcement came after Government members met iwi, construction firm Fletcher, Auckland Mayor Phil Goff and members of his council.

My interpretation is that she held a ‘star chamber’ and told people what she was going to do.

The Council of course under Goff is now trying to walkback it’s consent.

The iwi is not really being listened to it seems and Fletchers is being strongarmed is my bet. As for property rights, as for any contract between the iwi and Fletchers – in Ardernworld – laws and rights do not matter. It is all about the spin.

After all

The Government had heard the “strong voice of young people” and the perspective of mana whenua, “who want to see their people housed on their whenua”, she said. Ministers, including Willie Jackson, would meet protesters today.

Well it seemed to me that it was the protestors who were being heard, not the iwi or Fletchers. Indeed she announced all this at Auckalnd Airport whilst waiting for the RNZAF 737 (sarc)

shortly before leaving for a three-day visit to Tokelau, the first by a New Zealand premier in 15 years.

“There will be no building activity on land while we try to find a solution,”

So contracts will not be enforced. Legal rights are trampled.

So what do the protestors want:

The land is the proposed site of a 480-home development. Soul wants the Government to buy it and return it to iwi.

In so doing, the government would effectively be forcibly acquiring private land and making it part of a settlement. This opens a Pandora’s Box of problems

Of course the article had to quote Green agitator and co-leader of NZ Greens Marama Davidson

Green Party co-leader Marama Davidson said “There are conversations that need to be had and they need to involve everybody. They need to be much more open about what is happening than they have been. There have been a lot of rumours going around, a lot of fear.”

What rumours?

What fear?

Why would people be fearful? It is a building development not the rape of the Sabine Women or a blockade run to Gaza!

Without context that quote is ridiculous, sloppy and inflammatory. Ah, but it is the Herald.

“People from all around the country are aching to get here because they can see the simple injustice at the heart of it,” said Green Party co-leader Marama Davidson.

Davidson might think that and no doubt posses of Wreckers, Haters and No Hopers were on be on their way.

However, I am of the view that a protest about a legal and properly consented housing development involving a sizeable gain for the iwi  has now become a major political issue.The injustice is to the landowners and the iwi no to the protestors in my view.

The Ardern Regime has by it’s actions now fanned the flames of expectation and potentially stored up huge problems which will cause anger and division across the board. Neither Maori nor non Maori will be happy.

It is interesting to speculate about what this protest has cost the Iwi, people wanting houses and Fletchers.

This will not end well. There will be a short term fix no doubt which will probably be a figleaf for a government cave-in, but longer term I suspect enhanced problems for NZ as a whole caused by the incompetence of the Ardern Regime getting involved.



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