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The demonisation of Big Tech


Kathryn Ryan looks at the recent ACCC report on Big Tech.

The issue of what to do with digital giants Facebook and Google has been put under the microscope by Australia’s Competition and Consumer Commission. It recently released a 600-page report looking at the effect digital platforms have had on competition, consumers and society. The A-triple-C’s report made 23 recommendations to regulate the tech giants and improve media competition. Joining Kathryn to discuss them is Rod Sims, chair of the ACCC.

This audio is useful context, but I have concerns about the multiple laws and regulations that are being proposed or enacted around the world.

I fear that we will lose freedom of access to information.

I fear that regulations and laws will be used to inhibit or prevent freedom of expression

I fear that proposed tax regimes such as on taxes rather than revenue will cause availability of choice and service to be restricted and in some cases for example NZ, services may be withdrawn completely

I harbour suspicions that in some instances legitimate concerns are cloaking much baser motives such as anti American prejudice, nationalism,.

There will be more comment in future days

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