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Saturday Afternoon Radio Drama: The Lady Vanishes


BBC Radio Drama

THE LADY VANISHES by Ethel Lina White and dramatised by Neville Teller was broadcast on BBC World Service on 24th December 2000.

Taken from: “The Wheel Spins” by Ethel White. It is the late 1930’s and the forthcoming world war casts its shadow across Europe.

Iris Carr is travelling alone on the continent, having visited a remote mid-European country, Zabrovinia, and is returning to England on an express train where she meets a pleasant, garrulous, middle-aged Englishwoman in the railway carriage, Miss Froy. Iris drops off to sleep. When she wakes up, Miss Froy has disappeared, and her very existence is denied by the other passengers. Has something sinister has befallen her..

Renee Asherson [Miss Froy]
Jenny Funnell [Iris Carr]
Mark Paton [Max]
Mark Tandy [Professor Wilburforce]
Richard Durdin [Dr Tranitz]
Michael Roberts [The Baron Hoffmyer]
Jonathan Keeble [Prince Fredrick]
Karen Lewis [Mrs. Barns]
Shirley Dickson [The Baroness]
Geraldine Fitzgerald [Evelyn Flat-Porter]
Jan Shand [Rose Flat-Porter]
Jeffrey Beevers [Ian Breverton].

Other parts were played by members of the cast.

Directed by Andy Jordan

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