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James Shaw reveals himself as just another nasty, vicious Green


Interviewed on Newshub Nation this weekend, this exchange revealed just how nasty and vile James Shaw really is.

Simon Shepherd was the interviewer this is from the transcript

All right. So I’m looking forward to your housing announcement tomorrow, but I’ve got one quick question, and that is to both of you – James, I guess. Working with National after the election – is that completely off the table? Can you say that now?

Shaw: Yes, absolutely. Look, I would never empower someone with as little personal integrity as Simon Bridges to become prime minister. And we’re making huge progress as part of this government, and we want this government to be returned.

Now let us consider this statement by James Shaw.

Firstly Shaw sits in Cabinet with Winston Peters, a politician who in my opinion has little integrity, if any.

Secondly, since providing Confidence & Supply to the Coalition Shaw and his motley crew have acquiesced in the passage of Winston Peter’s ‘waka jumping bill’ a law which was vehemently opposed by the late Rod Donald the much lamented former Green co-leader.- – in fact speaking about a similar junk law in 2001:

The late Rod Donald, during the second reading of the 2001 Bill, overtly described it as “the most draconian, obnoxious, anti-democratic, insulting piece of legislation ever inflicted on this parliament”

Thirdly back in 2017 Shaw fully supported Metiria Turei, then his fellow co-leader in her benefit fraud and her refusal to step down as co-leader.

Fourthly, whilst supporting Turei, Shaw moved to rapidly remove Kennedy Graham and David Clendon from the party. Citing of all things as one of the reasons

Shaw said the way in which the pair chose to go about their resignation was in violation of the Green Party values, and the party caucus felt betrayed by the way the pair had gone about quitting.

He compounded that comment when:

He added that he believed the pair’s actions had brought the party into disrepute – which was against its rules for MPs – and he’d be acting on that.

Clearly, hypocrisy and irony are not words or concepts which Shaw understands.

But James Shaw claims Bridges lacks personal integrity.

The Cambridge English Dictionary defines integrity as

the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles that you refuse to change

So it seems to me, that Shaw was saying that Bridges was dishonest and without any moral principles. A truly vile and despicable remark. Indeed, I wonder if Bridges could take legal action against Shaw for that statement?

Yet if Bridges has little personal integrity then based on the foregoing Shaw’s integrity is non existent.

Indeed one of the ironies is that in the Stuff article from 2017 quoted above Shaw stated re Clendon and Graham

Shaw said the way in which the pair chose to go about their resignation was in violation of the Green Party values


“However, the way that they have chosen to go about it is strongly in violation of every Green Party norm, culture and process that we have I have ceased to be surprised at just how often leading Greens seem only to honour these values in the breach

It is interesting just how the Greens love to invoke their party’s values, which are displayed prominently on their website


As a party and as members of that party, we aim to:

  • Act according to our Charter 
  • Respect the planet and the web of life of which we are one part
  • Take the path of caution in the face of serious uncertainty about the consequences of human action
  • Think long term and holistically
  • Make decisions by consensus whenever possible
  • Engage respectfully, without personal attacks
  • Support ideas on their merit, regardless of where they originate
  • Actively respect cultural and individual diversity and celebrate difference
  • Maintain a community focus
  • Enable participation with dignity and challenge oppression
  • Encourage new voices and cherish wisdom
  • Recognise our duty of care towards those who cannot speak for themselves
  • Foster compassion, a sense of humour and mutual enjoyment in our work

I have ceased to be surprised at just how often leading Greens seem only to honour these values in the breach.

Shaw in his vile and obnoxious comment showed just how far the Greens have deviated from their values.

It is high time they were called out for continually donning a cloak of moral sanctimony and pretending to be above the fray, when in fact they are as nasty and vicious as anyome else in the bearpit of politics.

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