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Mediawatch: Preferred PM polls are unpopular and nonsense


Mediawatch rubbishes the preferred PM polls so beloved of OneNews and Newshub in an excellent segment.

Broadcasters say their political polls aren’t perfect but they do reveal significant swings of support. In that case, they ought to notice more and more people don’t like being asked to pick a ‘preferred prime minister’

Newshub often ignores the political polls of its TV rivals at TVNZ but last Monday it seized on the latest 1News Colmar Brunton survey.

“Approval rating for Simon Bridges hits rock bottom in new poll,” Newshub’s headline declared.

But he was actually up one point on the previous TVNZ Colmar Brunton poll and level with colleague Judith Collins on 6 per cent.

That’s an even better showing than the 4.2 per cent in Newhub’s own most recent poll two months ago – a result that prompted political editor Tova O’Brien to say Simon Bridges was the rotting head of a fish that would have to be cut off.


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