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Sunday Classic Comedy: Terry and June #12 – S02 E06 – Terry Scott, June Whitfield – “Only Two Can Play”


After his doctor tells him to take up a hobby, Terry starts to paint, although June, and neighbour Arthur Potts, are critical of his paintings – much to Terry’s annoyance – “I bet Whistler didn’t have people looking over his shoulder saying – I don’t like the look of your mother.” Terry then persuades June to take up a hobby herself, and she decides on the cello, and takes lessons. Terry is encouraging, – but soon regrets this, as she plays awfully. He seeks refuge with his neighbour Arthur Potts (John Rolfe), although he soon moves to Torquay. Terry does not have the courage to tell June she plays awfully. Terry gives up painting when an old school friend of June’s, Millie (Shirley Dixon), an artist, criticises one of his paintings. June later decides to give up her cello lessons, having realised she cannot play, and a delighted Terry puts the cello up for sale.



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