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Ihumātao: Some Māori leaders want private land in treaty settlements. Now was this the secret agenda of some protestors?


I thought this might happen. Indeed I alluded to it in my earlier posts here and here and here.

To be fair I think the original protestors were just focused on Ihumātao, but now this has blown up into a major issue. Consequently, I think some Māori saw thedispute as an opportunity to push for private land to be taken as part of treaty settlements and in effect re-open past settlements as well.

This push must be resisted and resisted strongly. However, I suspect that in the end Ardern will cave to ensure favourable press and hugs from the protestors.

After all she just loves making captain’s calls; plus as I noted in my earlier posts she disregards property rights and the law so a cave in to the mob is not impossible.

If she does there will be a huge backlash.


From RNZ Morning Report

Some Māori leaders are urging the government to revoke a law that prevents Māori from getting confiscated land back if it’s now owned privately.

They say keeping private land off-limits in treaty settlements is unfair and makes the treaty process unjust.

The law is also being blamed for the Ihumātao land dispute in South Auckland with some expecting more occupations if nothing changes.

Our Māori news correspondent Leigh-Marama McLachlan reports.

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