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The NZ Housing Crisis is real or is it – Fake News ?


Jacinda Ardern was anointed in October 2017 as NZ PM, since then she has carved out a global media profile as a leader and a caring and open person.

Unfortunately she has failed to deliver.

We are now nearly at the end of her second year and the delivery in this the “Year Of Delivery’ as enunciated by Ardern is signally lacking.

Election promises have been broken .

The NZ media, yes even the NZ media are getting restive. Ardern’s only loyalists are Vogue, The Guardian and her sycophants who depend on her for jobs.

Her failure is front and centre with the Kiwibuild fiasco.

Ardern and Labour were very vocal about the Housing Crisis through the election campaign and into their term in office.

Key problem they have not delivered.

In early 2019 we were told the policy was being reset.  It is now August and the policy is still being reset. Furthermore the KiwiBuild programme has been exposed many times as inadequate and incompetently developed. Twyford the incompetent formerly in charge was promoted and a new lackey was appointed. Still no sign of the reset.

Meanwhile we have the imbroglio at Ihumātao, where there is a strong likelihood that a development of some 480 houses will be foregone to buy off protestors and as part of that 40 houses to be provided for iwi members who need housing will be lost.

Well I think this allows me to suggest that although there is a very real housing issue in NZ, as far as the Ardern Regime is concerned it is all Hui No doey aka Fake News

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