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Classic Spies: Game,Set and Match – E02/13 – Ian Holm,Mel Martin,Amanda Donohoe,Anthony Bate


Excellent cast

This episode

A leak from within London Central has been discovered in the German arm of the British SIS. The leak causes concern among the higher levels of the SIS in regard to their East German “Brahms Network”, especially their most valuable agent, “Brahms Four”.



Game, Set and Match is a 1988 television serial directed by Ken Grieve and Patrick Lau and written by John Howlett. It is based on the books Berlin Game, Mexico Set and London Match by Len Deighton. The two directors worked separately on different episodes. Filmed on location in Berlin and Mexico, the project included a large international cast with 3,000 extras and a budget of $8 million. While critically acclaimed, the ratings for the series were a disaster.Ian Holm was nominated for a BAFTA award for his portrayal of Bernard Samson.

It was aired in 1989 in the United States as part of the PBS show Mystery!

Plot Synopsis

The series focuses on Bernard Samson (Ian Holm), beginning with his search for the “mole” that threatens the Brahms Network in East Germany. Samson is sent to Berlin to bring out a Brahms agent. He is then sent to Mexico to try to persuade a KGB major (Gottfried John) to defect, using his childhood friend Verner Volkmann’s wife Zena as bait. After it appears another traitor is working at London Central, Samson himself becomes one of the prime suspects.


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