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Is Labour covering up a crime?


Paula Bennett tweeted today 

Yesterday I was contacted by someone who works in the Beehive, for the Government, who says she has complained about a man who works for the PM. The accusations are serious.

She says she and other women have been silenced and told not to go the Police by senior members of Ardern’s office and the Labour Party. They are scared to be at work.

It’s extraordinary that they would contact the Opposition because they feel they have been silenced. It’s time for the PM to take this issue seriously so these women can feel safe at work.

They asked me to be their voice #victimled 

Used @threadreaderApp #unroll

If this is the case it is a very serious matter.

Why are the police not involved?

What is going on?

And I thought the Ardern Regime was keen on ensuring that women were respected and treated properly.

Just how many crimes is this government covering up?

If this allegation is true then Ardern needs to resign and her office needs to be restructured  and anybody involved fired and if applicable prosecuted.

Indeed, might there not be grounds for prosecuting Ardern and Robertson if they are complicit in any cover-up?

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