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All Change at Longleat – #1/3 – Lord Bath Hands Over Control



Lord Bath has handed control of the £190 million estate to his son, Ceawlin, but the handover isn’t going smoothly. Ceawlin upset his father when he moved back in, and the pair are no longer on speaking terms. In the village on the estate, there’s further unrest after Ceawlin puts up the villagers’ rents. Meanwhile, Ceawlin’s wife Emma is settling into life as Lady Weymouth. She now has her own servants and the run of the 130-room historic house – but she must get used to sharing her home with a daily stream of visitors. In the safari park, the animal keepers watch the family from afar and wonder how Ceawlin will compare to his father. Lord Bath was a flamboyant, controversial figure. Although now in retirement, he continues to enjoy a famously open marriage. Various ‘wifelets’ still visit when his wife is away.

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