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Sunday Classic Comedy: Terry and June #14 – S03 E01 – Terry Scott, June Whitfield – “The Lawnmower”


Terry discovers that his old neighbour Frank Wilson has moved to Saudi Arabia and let his house fully furnished including a lawnmower that Terry had lent him. However, their new neighbours Tarquin (Allan Cuthbertson) and Melinda (Joan Benham) Spry refuse to return the lawnmower as it was included in the property inventory that he signed. When Terry and his nephew Alan attempt to reclaim the lawnmower, Alan forgets to bring the torch so has to light a match to see what they’re doing. The shed has many fireworks which Tarquin and Melinda plan to use for their Mexican themed house-warming party. Alan burns his fingers and drops the match setting off the fireworks. The next day, having received notice that the lawnmower was not meant to be included on the inventory, Tarquin returns the lawnmower to Terry. Unfortunately, it has been badly burnt in the shed fire caused by the fireworks the previous evening.



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