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Mediawatch: Do reports of gun owners’ anger stack up?


Colin Peacock took a look at the gun buyback scheme underway at present

All our MPs but one voted to change the gun laws. Opinion polls showed a majority approved and thousands of banned weapons have been peacefully surrendered. Do reported claims of widespread discontent among the nation’s gun owners stack up?

Last Monday CNN, The Guardian, USA Today and several other overseas outlets reported more than 10,000 guns had been peacefully surrendered so far after the gun laws here changed in June.  

“New Zealand’s program to buy guns . . . may be a lesson for the US in how to conduct a dialogue with gun owners,” said the Christian Science Monitor in an editorial the same day headlined: A seed for society’s safety 

“Many of its gun owners . . . took their arms to the police rather than taking up arms. It is a shift in thought that marks a start toward a consensus on what enables greater peace and safety in a community,” the CSM concluded. 

But the spokesperson and secretary of the Council of Licensed Firearms Owners (COLFO) had a different message on the ABC’s PM show in Australia that same day.

“It’s still quite a small proportion of firearms owners who are handing in when we estimate there are 250,000 firearms that need to come back,” said Nicole McKee. MORE AT LINK

I understand the intent behind the new law, but it targets people who have legal firearms. There seems to me to be a focus on these firearms, when it is widely reported that various criminal gangs and others have many illegal firearms. So I have a major concern that in terms of safety little might be achieved.

I question as well the rapidly with which the law changes were made. The process seemed in many respects a knee jerk reaction rather than a considered response.

But, hey we got good international media – that’s a good thing.Yeah Right!

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