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Food,Glorious Food: Kill It Cut It Use It – #2/5 – Sheep


Kill It Cut It Use It: Kill It, Cut It, Use It sees Julia Bradbury learning more about the processes used in turning parts of animals which not suitable for human consumption into everyday products.

From the sheep parts hidden in your soap to the fishy ingredient in your favourite pint, though you probably don’t know it, the bits of the animals we don’t eat for dinner often end up being made into the products we use everyday.

Julia Bradbury goes on an eye-opening journey to find out how. She is joined by the young consumers who use these products, from shoe obsessives to high-street hunks, to uncover the surprising animal origins of our most popular items by following the transformation of each leftover body part all the way from the abattoir to the shop floor.

In this programme, Julia discovers how everything from a sheep’s skin to its placenta can be turned into comfy boots, cosmetics and even condoms.


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