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The Other Simenon: The Little Man From Archangel



The Little man from Archangel by Georges Simenon – The Other Simenon was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on Wed 3rd Aug 2011.

Georges Simenon, best known for Maigret, published scores of other novels, often tough, gripping and psychologically-penetrating stories like this tragic tale of a bookseller whose wife goes missing. When Gina fails to come home one night, Jonas Milk tells his inquisitive neighbours that she’s visiting a friend. But the gossips in this small country town know Gina has been having flagrant affairs and when it becomes clear that she’s disappeared the bookseller is drawn into a nightmare of police enquiries and painful discoveries.

Dramatised by Ronald Frame.

Jonas – Steven McNicoll
Supt Devaux – Crawford Logan
Gina – Francesca Dymond
Fredo/Le Bouc – Kenny Blyth
Angele/Berthe – Eliza Langland
Louis/Pepito – Gavin Kean
Other parts played by the cast.
Produced and directed by Bruce Young


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