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Podcast Radio Hour: How to Start a Podcast – with Renay Richardson



Have you ever been listening to a podcast and thought “I’d love to do this!”? Well now is the time to start. This week is full of essential tips and advice for podcasters both beginner and advanced.

Amanda Litherland is joined by Renay Richardson from Broccoli Content, who has produced podcasts including the award winning About Race With Reni Eddo Lodge. Renay discusses how she started in the industry and what she has learned working in audio.
They chat to James Cator, Head of Podcast Partnerships at Spotify UK, to find out what it takes to get noticed, and how best to engage with your audience.
Tolani Shoneye aka Tolly T from The Receipts shares her story of how her podcast came about, and discusses why it has been so successful.
And Rachel Simpson from the Commissioning Team at BBC Sounds shares some of her top tips for starting and developing a hit podcast.

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