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Massive new movie to be filmed in NZ


In the newly announced movie recording the incredible life and times of Jacinda Ardern, we see some stellar names as cast members – Angelina Jolie as Ardern, Cliff Curtis as Simon Bridges, Morgan Freeman as Winston Peters, Robert Downey Jr as Clarke Gayford, Matt Damon as James Shaw, Grant Robertson will be played by Jack Black. Smaller parts. Will be taken by Brad Pitt as Phil Twyford and Sandra Bullock as Julie Anne Genter. As yet no actors have signed up to play Trevor Mallard, Andrew Little or Helen Clark, although Meryl Streep may sign up for Clark. All cast members describe themselves as feeling incredibly privileged to play roles in this movie. Clint Eastwood will direct.

The film will record the life and times of Ms Ardern up until her unfortunate death whilst on a Vogue photoshoot at the Ardern Housing Estate at Ihumatao. The film will record her major commercial experience in Morrinsville,her time in London and her many overseas holidays. Unfortunately, there is little if any record of significant achievements, as Ms Ardern was famous for being famous. Indeed, that was her only major accomplishment and that was facilitated by credulous media.

Her funeral was of course an occasion for national mourning. This was done Kiwi style, street parties,BBQs and lots of drinking.

Her successor as Prime Minister Judith Collins is played by Olivia Colman.

Ms Collins recently commented that the demise of Ms Ardern was very unfortunate, but she had sent flowers selected by florist Paula Bennett a former National MP.

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