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Oh dear: more protests are now inevitable as Ardern now says she will visit Ihumātao – property rights trampled for political PR


Newshub reports that Ardern will visit Ihumātao.

Previously she had said

Earlier this week, Ms Ardern said the government would not intervene in the issue.

“Ultimately we are falling on the side of the local iwi [who support the housing development] and their position. They are not the ones leading the protest here and so if we come in over the top, it really would be undermining the local iwi in this case,” she said on Wednesday.

A visit and reported involvement of Maori Ministers sounds and looks like intervention to me.

The crap from Willie Jackson on The AM Show, on Friday Morning, supports that view, when Jackson was even more obnoxious and ranting than usual. The idea that he is a Cabinet Minister with responsibility for Employment is appalling. Unfortunately that piece of Jackson’s appearance seems not to be available.

Ardern has now made it very clear that she has no regard for property rights, law or indeed anything else.

No doubt come the next occupation we will see yet even more kow towing to protestors.

As I wrote here

The message this sends to business and investors and anyone concerned with the rule of law is in my view a very negative one. It suggests that NZ is ruled by a mob, to which a weak PM yields.

I see no reason to change my mind


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