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Food, Glorious Food: Laphroaig Distillery Tour



Every year thousands of Laphroaig devotees come to visit us, drink in the atmosphere, learn a few of our secrets and share a dram or two with us afterwards. However, whilst our isolation in Islay has enabled us to maintain the ancient traditions of Whisky making, we also recognise that for many of you the journey may be impossible – at least for now.

To overcome this and to encourage you to make the journey, we have created ‘the virtual distillery tour’. To do this we have filmed every aspect of the making of Laphroaig, including areas that the ‘standard’ tour never goes to (for instance our peat beds). You can either watch the entire tour from start to finish here, or see the individual sections are separate videos. We hope through this tour you will be able to begin to appreciate how timeless and unique Laphroaig is in our modern world. Your tour will last approximately 200 years! Well, at least that’s the length of time that our ancient distillery has been used for distilling legally and illegally!

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