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Kim Hill: Craft Beer and Pete Gillespie


Kim Hill

In some respects this was an advert, but it was interesting

Brewer Pete Gillespie set up the Garage Project brewery in Wellington in 2011, following stints working at breweries in England and at the Malt Shovel in Sydney.

At the time it opened it was the only craft beer maker operating in the city, and it grabbed people’s attention by brewing 24 different beers in 24 weeks.

Some past beers have featured unusual ingredients like cornflakes, seawater, cardamom and super-heated volcanic rocks.

He’s playing favourites with Kim and his musical choices are likely to be similarly eclectic.

The brewery’s also renowned for distinctive and diverse design and this is celebrated in a new book Garage Project: The Art of Beer. There is an exhibition launch for the book in in Auckland at Garage Project Kingsland on 30 Aug, details here 

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