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Food,Glorious Food: Mark Wiens – Incredible Peranakan Food in Singapore


Mark Wiens from March 2016 – 460,883 views 7.7K likes 193 dislikes


I’ve been a huge Peranakan food fan from when I had my first meal years ago. In Singapore I went to Daisy’s Dream Kitchen, an amazing Peranakan restaurant. More details:…

Daisy’s Dream Kitchen is a small family run restaurant in the Clementi area of Singapore. The restaurant not only serves amazing food, but it also has a unique story. Daisy, who is the principle cook and owner, loved to cook for her family and friends. Her family loved her cooking and it was her dream to eventually open a restaurant. But she started off at a food court, and sold just a few minimum Peranakan dishes. Eventually they opened a full restaurant called Daisy’s Dream Kitchen. The passion of service and hospitality, paired with delicious food, is what made it such a good experiences to eat there.

Let’s just quickly talk about Peranakan food. Peranakans are Straits born Chinese – so Chinese descendants born someone along the straits of Malacca in Malaysia, Singapore, and a few in southern Thailand. They are known for adapting and sometimes intermarrying with the local Malay population, and so the food reflects a unique blend of both Chinese and Malay, and it’s an amazing combination.

When Ying and I ate at Daisy’s Dream Kitchen, they brought us out a selection of some of their most popular signature dishes, and we had an absolute feast of a meal including stink beans with anchovies, a fried fish with sambal, ngo hiang, a meatball soup, and the dish that I had for the very first time, buah keluak – and one of the restaurant specialities. The nut that’s the main part of this dish, is buried for about 11 days, they cooked, and then prepared. I think the nut was emptied out and mixed with some minced meat, and then cooked in a curry. It was so unique and so delicious – it kind of tasted like chocolate cake and rye bread within a curry.

Daisy’s Dream Kitchen is a great place to eat Peranakan food in Singapore. I had met Ray, the son of Daisy while I was in Bangkok, and they invited me to eat at their family restaurant. I didn’t pay for our food, as the family was very kind, but this is not a sponsored video.

Daisy’s Dream Kitchen Address: Block 517 West Coast Road #01-571 S120517, Singapore 120517 Open hours: 11 am – 2:30 pm and 6 pm – 10 pm on Tuesday to Sunday (closed on Mondays) Prices: Most dishes range from $10 – 15 SGD How to get there: I took the MRT to Clementi station and it was about a 15 minute walk from there. Or alternatively take a taxi or bus from the station.

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