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New Culture Forum – So What You’re Saying Is: Peter Hitchens: The British Revolution WAS Televised (but few realised…)


This was interesting  – very relevant on Free Speech and No Platforming

In this first episode of Season Two, Peter Whittle’s guest is Peter Hitchens, the celebrated conservative columnist, writer and polemicist — and one of our 3 most commonly requested people:

Subjects discussed include free expression, identity politics, immigration, education & social mobility, conservatism etc..

Sometimes styled “Britain’s Obituarist”, Hitchens best-known work is “The Abolition of Britain”. As with Sir Roger Scruton, Hitchen is a social conservative who feels far closer to social democracy than the unfettered market .

In this indepth discussion, Peter Hitchens explains how Britain has undergone a silent and radical revolution as transformative as history’s most famous, where the buildings remain but little else is the same.

Whilst many assume the roots of this revolution were planted in the 1960s, Mr. Hitchens traces the foundations back to the Bloomsbury Group & the First World War. Recalling his own time as a far left student in the 1960s, he reveals how, when they were at university, many of Britain’s leading political and establishment figures of the last 30 years — such as former PM Tony Blair — identified openly as revolutionary Marxists or Trotskyists.

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