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NZ’s New Freshwater Regime – #1: Government’s healthy waterway plan aka ‘farmers being thrown under the tractor’


The Ardern Regime issued major new proposals on freshwater yesterday. As a starting point to what will be a series of posts on this, this discussion on Nine To Noon provides a useful context

The government’s proposals to restore the quality of the nation’s waterways would see tighter restrictions on intensification of land, all farms requiring management plans addressing water quality, some farms facing nitrate caps and further fencing requirements and standards around winter grazing.

Do the proposals strike the right balance? Or are farmers – as Federated Farmers has suggested – being “thrown under the tractor”?

Lynn talks with Dr John Penno, chairman of the Freshwater Leaders’ Group which contributed to the proposals, Gary Taylor from the Environmental Defense Society and Federated Farmers President Katie Milne.

Plus of course the problem of Māori claims of water ownership.

Whilst there are some good points in this plan,again we see major imposts on farmers, little as yet about how urban and industrial water pollution will be tackled.  Yet again dairy in particular, a major economic mainstay, is attacked. Increasingly, I wonder if this government sees NZ as a woodland, importing it’s food.

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