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The KiwiBuild ‘Reset’ #3: Morning Report – ‘This is about supply’ Housing Minister


As expected here in NZ the big political story is the KiwiBuild ‘Reset’ aka ‘We’ve gotta get out of this place’, closely followed by the new regime on freshwater,of which more later.

I expect to have several posts on this topic.

Here is the report from Morning Report on Thursday in which the Minister seeks to defend the ‘Reset’, but actually does not do a very good job. If supply is the issue then how does the ‘Reset’ assist.

John Tookey made very valid points on this here – KiwiBuild Reset #2 and back in 2017

Cynically, one wonders if we are on a cycle of rinse and repeat.

Quotes from the Minister such as ‘the targets were not the problem,it was the supply side’ do not fill me with confidence.

Plus, later in the day the freshwater announcement crowded the ‘Reset’ out. Indeed,was that the plan.

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