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The KiwiBuild ‘Reset’ #5: NZ Herald Editorial – ‘reset a missed opportunity’ aka as ‘we have no idea’


As expected here in NZ a big political story is the KiwiBuild ‘Reset’ aka ‘We’ve gotta get out of this place’, closely followed by the new regime on freshwater.

Regarding the announcement on freshwater, the announcement largely crowded the ‘Reset’ out, especially from the broadcast media.. Indeed,was that the plan.

I expect to have several posts on this topic.

In the NZ Herald Editorial 06092019 there is a clear sense that the writer was distinctly underwhelmed by the KiwiBuild ‘Reset’ take for example these comments:

The Government has now pulled back from KiwiBuild’s targets altogether.

After this week’s KiwiBuild “reset”, announced by Twyford’s replacement Megan Woods, the scheme aims to produce only “as many houses as we can, as quickly as we can”.

“When policies aren’t working we are honest about that and fix them,” Woods told reporters this week. Based on the programme’s pace to date, the public should not expect much.

A distinct flavour of disbelief to my mind.

Then after briefly looking at some of the key issues, the editorial concludes:

If KiwiBuild was the answer to untangling this Gordian knot, it was found wanting.

And nothing new announced this week appears to provide a solution either.

So after 9 months, the much talked about KiwiBuild ‘Reset’ has delivered – well nothing very much at all, but we have employed consultants, talked a lot and felt for those without housing, but delivery is for other people.

To misquote and I hate this,Donald Trump, who was speaking about health not housing ‘who knew housing was so hard’


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  1. 06/09/2019 17:22

    Yes, water closely following housing reset. House building promised at election will never happen. The nation is owed an apology. Ms Ardern proudly offers a ‘reset’. #PromisesNotKept #ArdernPromisesFibs


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