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Saturday Night at the Movies


1 Son of Monte Cristo (1940) – Louis Hayward,Joan Bennett,George Sanders


The Son of Monte Cristo is a 1940 American black-and-white swashbuckling adventure film from United Artists, produced by Edward Small, directed by Rowland V. Lee, that stars Louis Hayward, Joan Bennett, and George Sanders. The Small production uses the same sets and many of the same cast and production crew as his previous year’s production of The Man in the Iron Mask.

The film takes the same name as the unofficial sequel to The Count of Monte Cristo, namely The Son of Monte Cristo, written by Jules Lermina in 1881. Using elements from several romantic swashbucklers of the time such as The Prisoner of Zenda and The Mark of Zorro the production also mirrors the situation of Continental Europe in 1939–1940.


2 Istanbul Express – Gene Barry,Senta Berger,John Saxon

IMDb User Review

I first saw this movie on WTBS (Turner Broadcasting System) back in the early infancy of Cable Television and WTBS. It has stuck with me all of these years. Fortunately my oldest son was able to get a copy of the movie recorded off of the television and I keep it well protected! With Gene Berry, John Saxon, Senta Berger and even the Engineer “Moustache” it was well acted.

This was a great crime drama based on the Istanbul Express (with John Saxon as the Security Officer for the Train, Cheval) but the story also carried onto other locations as the story progressed. I enjoyed it immensely (it has a great plot) from start to finish and as I stated, it stuck with me through the years. I don’t know if it ever went to print, but I think that this would be well received by the viewing public and lovers of the Film NOIR after nearly 50 years from it’s debut. Made in 1968 for television I think it should be revisited and given every consideration for print availability. They are always looking for these classics, this is one !!

This review is contradicted by others

3 Do Not Fold,Spindle or Mutilate (1971) – Helen Hayes,Myrna Loy,Mildred Natwick,Sylvia Sidney



Do Not Fold, Spindle or Mutilate is an American television film made for the 90-minute series ABC Movie of the Week which broadcast it on November 9, 1971. Directed by Ted Post, it stars Helen Hayes, Myrna Loy, Mildred Natwick, Sylvia Sidney, John Beradino and Vince Edwards, with the screenplay adapted by John D. F. Black from a novel of the same name by Doris Miles Disney.

Four middle class Pasadena ladies in their late sixties (Helen Hayes, Myrna Loy, Mildred Natwick, and Sylvia Sidney) habitually meet for lunch and exchange small talk with their waitress (Dodo Denney). They propose creating a fictitious young woman and submitting her profile to a computer dating service. Several days later, they start receiving letters from potential suitors and derive additional amusement from reading them out loud.

Concurrently, a young woman (Diane Shalet) becomes alarmed by her date, Mal’s (Vince Edwards) attempts to force himself upon her and manages to escape into her home. His audible thoughts reveal that he has dangerous difficulty in relating to women.

Mal turns his obsessive attentions to the fictitious “Rebecca” and not only sends a letter but tracks down the telephone number of “her” address. He calls and speaks to one of the old ladies, who impishly accepts a date with him at a local bar. In a spirit of fun the four ladies wait at the bar to see what Mal looks like, however when he arrives he mistakes a hooker, Brenda (Barbara Davis) for “Rebecca” and leaves with her. When they arrive at Brenda’s apartment and she asks for money, an outraged Mal attacks and kills her.

Once the ladies realise their actions have led to murder, they go to the police; however they also investigate Mal themselves, which places them in grave danger.


4 A Stranger In My Arms (1959) – June Allyson,Jeff Chandler,Sandra Dee,Charles Coburn



A Stranger in My Arms (also known as And Ride a Tiger) is a 1959 CinemaScope drama film directed by Helmut Käutner and starring June Allyson, Jeff Chandler, Sandra Dee, Charles Coburn, Mary Astor and Peter Graves

A Korean War test pilot Major, Pike Yarnell (Jeff Chandler), survives a jet crash in the Pacific Ocean, as does his navigator Donald Beasley (Peter Graves). After 12 days on a raft, Donald dies, but Pike is rescued.

Christina (June Allyson), the dead officer’s widow, waits for a full explanation of the circumstances of her husband’s death, as do his wealthy Georgia parents and sister. Pike gives them very few details, however, particularly disturbing Virginie Beasley (Mary Astor), who wants a Congressman in the family to seek a Medal of Honor for her brave son.

Pike begins to develop feelings for Christina. He cannot bring himself to tell her that Donald was actually a poor officer and under investigation. During the ocean flight, his navigational mistake led to the crash. While on the raft, Donald proved to be a coward. Donald revealed near the end that he never loved his wife and hated his mother. Ultimately, he used Pike’s gun to kill himself.


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